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How to Be Sure That You Are Buying a Genuine Authorized FOX Suspension Product

It has come to our attention that grey market and counterfeit FOX mountain bike suspension forks are being sold into the marketplace. These products are not authorized or warranted by FOX. Because these products are not authorized by Fox, the quality is unknown. Further, because they are not serialized, their functional state cannot be determined. As such they may pose a serious safety risk that may result in SERIOUS INJURY INCLUDING DEATH.

Grey Market Suspension Forks
Grey market forks often can be identified by a "scratched-off" serial number. If you are considering the purchase of a FOX fork do ensure that the serial number is unaltered and legible.

Bad serial number Good serial number

Counterfeit Suspension Forks
Counterfeit suspension forks can vary in visual appearance and may be harder to identify. Generally counterfeits lack the quality of the genuine article in look and feel. Several of the counterfeit examples observed in the market have straight 9mm drop outs which genuine FOX has not offered for years. The examples we've seen don't have serial numbers or the words "Genuine Kashima Coat" printed on the upper tubes.

Kashima comparison
Ajuster comparison
Air cap comparison
Dropout comparison

Grey market product is on the left in these examples.

Please do not purchase or ride these products.

To be sure your purchase is a genuine FOX product, we strongly recommend shopping at reputable FOX-approved dealer with a retail presence or contact FOX directly in your local market place at


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Enhance your Riding Experience

Get monthly FOX updates straight to your inbox.